Our clients' needs have expanded beyond straightforward music recording, and we have evolved in order to meet those needs. From multimedia live performance to sound for picture, to interactive audio software, to web media and beyond, we have the tools to create content that transcends the ordinary and creates a unique experience for your audience.

With the availability of increasingly powerful video production software such as the Apple's Final Cut Pro, we are able to offer sophisticated video production at modest rates. We have several large spaces we use for shooting, and all of our workstations are equipped for fully featured video editing.

Web media is obviously becoming more and more important in the world. Our unique skill set and facilities have enabled us to create rich content for our clients that effectively delivers their desired message. In addition to media production, we also offer encoding and transcoding services for all media types.

Email us or give us a call at (608) 352-0322 if you have a multimedia project you need help with.

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