Audio Engineer and Production Assistant

Nate Gessner graduated from the Recording program at Madison Media Institute in 2013. Originally from Waukesha, WI, he received his Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011.

At UW-Madison, Nate wrote for student-produced publications the Badger Herald, the Daily Cardinal and Curb Magazine. His original reporting for the Fall 2010 issue of Curb earned the cover story spot and won acclaim from the Society of Professional Journalists. All of Nate's writing and reporting focused on Madison's local music scene, which further proved he needed to pursue his true passions — music and recording. Nate viewed Madison Media Institute as Madison's epicenter of audio knowledge, and he graduated with perfect attendance and a 4.0 GPA. During the fall of 2012, he sought out a studio internship, which brought him to DNA. Nate was hired as Audio Engineer and Production Assistant in February 2013.

Since then, Nate has freelanced as an audio engineer and production assistant in Madison, WI; the Milwaukee metropolitan area; Phoenix, AZ; and Sacramento, CA. In Phoenix, Nate also worked as a production specialist at Net Transcripts, Inc., where he dubbed and converted multimedia files, then edited and enhanced the resulting audio. In July of 2018, Nate moved to Sacramento, CA and started to become involved in the Sacramento film scene while continuing to freelance. Some of Nate's recent freelance gigs include mixing Milwaukee-based funk rock band Witchdoctor's debut self-titled album, designing the print and digital layouts for that album, and assisting Brian Daly with data migration, design, and maintenance involving the upgraded DNA Music Labs website.

Nate is a multi-instrumentalist and has led several bands. His latest project is Amateur Rants. Here are some of Nate's demo reels.