Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

Vaughn's production and mixing skills have been sought out by acts such as Whiskey of the Damned, Jo Flowroshus (GMG), Rob DZ, F.Stokes, Charlie and the Tree, E-Sweez, The Great Depression, The Eclectic Company, Sam Cooke, Yung Porter, Gotto, Cleobury, Grown Man, and Bad Luck Booda. Vaughn was also involved with projects for Apple, Sony, Phat Phunktion, Holly Brook, Chris Aaron, Victor DeLorenzo, Ian and the Dream, and In the Beginning.

Vaughn graduated from Madison Media Institute in 2007 and chose DNA for his production homebase. He is a consumate crafter of beats, and also keeps his musical instincts sharp through his own innovative drumming style which comes from punk and metal. Vaughn has played with such acts as For Rights (street punk), Stereotype (hip-hop), Mike Droho and the Compass Rose (acoustic/funk/pop rock), and Phonetic One (hip hop/jam).